Lady London Releases New Project ‘Lady Like: The Boss Tape’

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Lady London has been buzzing on the scene for the last few years but after a few setbacks, she’s finally ready to come to the forefront and deliver new music.

The New York rapper has had a lot of trouble on the legal side lately and had to deal with the trauma of losing her hard drive which had all the music she recorded over the last years but she’s committed to keep going. The Howard University graduate has decided to drop her new project Lady Like: The Boss Tape today for the fans.

The mixtape contains London’s ‘Lady Londays’ freestyles which went viral on social media where she flipped and remixed a few of Hip Hop’s most acclaimed tracks. For the new project, she’s done some tweaks and included a few new tracks as well. Stream it below.

Lady Like: The Boss Tape Tracklist

1. Viral
2. Long Live Shamello
3. Yikes
4. Lemon Pepper, Wet
5. Lady What, Lady Who?
6. All I See
7. Black Love
8. Buss It/Ski
9. Welcome To The Party
10. You’re Still Mine ft. Makaela
11. Reciprocity
12. Girl Like Me
13. Lisa’s Story ft. Dub Aura


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