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KRS-One Announces New Album With Aggressive Single “The Beginning”

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KRS-One goes on a lyrical rampage for nearly three minutes straight on “The Beginning.”


There aren’t too many artists who have influenced both Eminem and Tupac Shakur and are still consistently putting out high-quality music, and that’s why every time KRS-One drops, we should all listen. Around this same time last year, the veteran Hip-Hop artist delivered his empowering 13-track album Between Da Protests, and now, KRS-One is back with a new single and an exciting announcement.According to the Brooklyn-bred rapper, a new KRS-One album is currently slated to arrive sometime in 2022, and while fans await the legendary lyricist’s forthcoming project, he has delivered an incredible new single titled “The Beginning.”

The aggressive track features KRS-One in his zone, as he attacks the SUN-One-produced beat with vigor and veracity, delivering one long extensive verse that goes on for nearly three minutes straight. To call “The Beginning” a lyrical rampage would be an understatement, so listen to KRS-One’s insane new single for yourself below. Let us know in the comments if you’re feeling the track and if you’re looking forward to his untitled 17th solo studio album.

Quotable Lyrics

These wack rappers, fuck who they are
KRS is like a hooligan, hittin’ em all with the same bars
Hooligans, hittin em with the same bars
Yo wack style just ain’t ours, Venus to Mars
I’m teaching with bars, spitting these bars
But youngins under 21 can’t even get into these bars
So I don’t blame em if they not seeing these bars
Cuz when I hit em with my universe all they seeing is stars

Marathon Continues

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