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Kojey Radical Previews Debut Album With “Gangsta”

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Kojey Radical is currently due for his debut album, set to arrive in 2022 via Asylum Records. In anticipation the UK artist has
shared the second single in the buildup with his latest “Gangsta.”Per usual, Kojey takes the introspective route over the effort co-produced by KZ, Swindle, Ed Thomas, and Jay Weathers as he reflects on the strength of his mother.

“Any time I come to a sense of reasoning or a sense of self, it’s normally because of the advice or presence of women around me, whether that’s my mum, my sisters or the mother or my son,” Kojey says of the new selection. “This song is a celebration of those women and an appreciation of everything they’ve been through. For me, their ability to persevere through everything is the definition of what a gangster actually is.”

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