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Kodak Black Shares “Nightmare Before Christmas” Video

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The rapper closes out Christmas Eve with new music.


Rapper love getting into the holiday spirit…sort of. Gucci Mane is known for his East Atlanta Santa releases and Kodak Black added his offering today by sharing his new song, “Nightmare Before Christmas.” No, this track isn’t going to get you into the holiday spirit and isn’t intended for caroling, but instead, Kodak once again spits street bars about women, sex, catching court cases, and the thug life.Prior to his Christmas Eve single, Kodak was spotted celebrating with his girlfriend as they invited their friends and family to their baby shower. The couple is reportedly expecting a baby girl in weeks to come, and during the event, Kodak gifted his lady with a new ring. There wasn’t an official announcement to confirm that the present was an engagement, but nevertheless, the rapper was excited about his growing family.

Stream “Nightmare Before Christmas” and let us know what you think.

Quotable Lyrics

I tried to stay out of love ’cause I’d kill me a b*tch
I’m just f*cking and thugging and getting money to lit to commit
I got one ho riding my face another one riding my d*ck
Like I’m Santa Claus I’d check a n*gga off of list
I’m the nightmare before Christmas
Got a fish tank with no fishes

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