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Kid Ink Gets Momentum Going For 2022 With New Single “Hoe Games”

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Kid Ink brings back his aggressive flow with the new single “Hoe Games.”


Kid Ink has been in the game for over a decade, popping up on HNHH’s music discovery pages at the very beginning of his career and flourishing into a music industry veteran over time. His releases may not have been consistent throughout this year but he plans to apply pressure in 2022, starting a little early with the release of his new single “Hoe Games.”Promising to release new music every Friday until January 14, which is when he’s dropping the deluxe edition of his album ALIVE. With twenty-one tracks planned for the deluxe, the independent rapper is getting back on his grind with the release of the ISM-produced “Hoe Games,” which also marks the return of his aggressive flow.

With a takeover planned for the new year, Kid Ink is making sure that everybody knows he’s ready for his comeback. Listen to “Hoe Games” below.

Quotable Lyrics:

‘Cause I might just go, crazy ho
Early bird, no lazy flow
Ask me what my rate is for
I need them max like HBO
My bread is different, paleo
Problems, money probably made me more

Marathon Continues

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