Kentz Jamz Drops New Single “All The Smoce” Featuring GoodJoon

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Kent Jamz drops banger “All The Smoce” featuring GoodJon following the release of “Rollin’ Wit The Homies.”


Kent Jamz is back at it again, this time will the release of his song “All The Smoce” featuring GoodJoon. The release of the song is accompanied with its black and white music video, directed by Kelani Kelly. This comes shortly after the release of his single “Rollin Wit’ The Homies” featuring fellow West Coast native Buddy. The song is a tribute to his late friend who passed away during the pandemic.Born in Atlanta, Jamz moved to Los Angeles at a young age where he began rapping at the age of six, claiming music came naturally to himself. Early on in his rap career, Jamz was a part of the rap group OverDoz., who found success in the mid-2000s blog era. Members of the group included GooJoon and Kent Jamz.

What’s next for Kentz Jamz? The rapper is set to join Buddy’s “Superghetto”Tour which is set to begin June 15 in Oakland California.

Stay tuned for more from Kent Jamz and check out the latest drop below.

Quotable Lyrics

Ni**a, I been, I been
Chillin’ with my ni**as, stayin’ out the way, lookin’ for dough
I want a drop Benz, drop Benz
So I can pull the club to them bi**hes talkin’ shit like, “Hop in, hop in”
And if you really want your own property away from all this poverty then lock in, lock in
American was built on capitalism, ni**a, get your dough or be forgotten, gotten



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