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Kenny Muney Announces New Project With “Backend Freestyle” Video

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The Paper Route Empire label is moving this year. While Young Dolph continues to build his empire without the support of the majors, he’s helping cement the names of a few Memphis artists in the rap game. Of course, Key Glock is among them. He recently just dropped off his new project, Yellow Tape 2. Next up from the Paper Route Empire camp is Kenny Muney. This week, Muney slid through with his new single, “Backend Freestyle” to coincide with the announcement of his upcoming project, Time Is Money. The rapper’s latest single is celebratory as he basks in the success of making it off of rap.Check out the single and the tracklist for Time Is Money below.

  1. No Days Off
  2. Get Loose
  3. Petro
  4. Leeches ft. Key Glock
  5. Worthless
  6. Backend Freestyle
  7. Nobody
  8. Used To
  9. Talk My S***
  10. Choosin’ ft. Big Moochie Grape
  11. How I Come
  12. Ibuprofen
  13. Cross Country
  14. See The Light
  15. Change Up

Quotable Lyrics
Every dopeboy wanna ice his wrist and go fuck on a bad bitch
Put this shit on like I’m hittin’ a prom up, I’m ’bout to hit a pageant
I been ballin’, make sure my team ball like get the ball and pass it
I’m not sorry if you think I’m braggin’, hit your bitch, I’m braggin’

Marathon Continues

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