Kay Flock, Cardi B, Bory300 & Dougie B Unite On “Shake It” Video

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The Drill track is being hailed as a 2022 New York City anthem.


Cardi B took several hits from Hip Hop fans after she shared videos that showed her returning to her hometown to film a music video. At the time, it was stated that the “Up” rapper was uniting with Kay Flock and some believed that Cardi was yet another artist hopping on the New York Drill wave. However, Cardi and her crew made it clear that she’s not attaching her name to anyone for clout, and on Friday (April 15), the much-talked-about single arrived.Cardi B, Dougie B, and Bory300 help Kay round out “Shake It.” The visual has been long teased online as the artists unite for an epic party in the Boogie Down Bronx but of course, Kay Flock did not join them. The rapper is currently incarcerated as he awaits his trial for first-degree murder. His legal troubles haven’t halted his career and “Shake It” has been heavily anticipated.

Stream “Shake It” and let us know what you think.

Quotable Lyrics

All the bros know that I’m uppin’ that, full-form (Boom)
All the opps up in heaven, got room for ’em (Grrah)
Everything dead, nothing is friendly
Up in my Prada, up in Balenci’ (Grrah-grrah, grrah)
F*ck is she thinkin’? Know that I’m sanctioned


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