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Kanye West Brings Kid Cudi Back For “Remote Control Pt 2”

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Throughout the entire Donda album rollout, there was speculation as to what would make the album, and what would be left on the cutting room floor. After countless rumors and three listening sessions in Las Vegas, Atlanta and Ye’s hometown — Chicago, the record was finally released, leaving some fans and artists happy, and others upset.Now, more than two months later, we have the deluxe edition of Donda, complete with five new tracks, including “Life Of The Party” featuring Andre 3000, and “Remote Control pt 2,” which features an originally-scrapped verse from Kid Cudi.

Remote Control pt 2,” is the same as “Remote Control,” but with Cudi playing third fiddle to Ye and Young Thug’s first and second. However, the Man on the Moon rapper steals the show. Following up Ye and Thugger with a minute-and-a-half combination of rapping and singing and provides the Cudi flare that only he can. Weaving inspirational vocals into the already-uplifting “Remote Control” instrumental, Cudi adds another dimension to the record, and makes it even harder to understand why he was left off Donda in the first place.

Quotable Lyrics
You not understand, I am not your mans
See I’m super, I got plans, trips across the land
Diamonds dancin’ on my hands, Cudder in demand
All in pink like Killa Cam

Check out “Remote Control pt 2” below and let us know what you think down in the comments.

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