Kamo Mphela, brings the groove back on her track titled “Dubai” ft. Reason, Tyler ICU, and Daliwonga

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01 Dubai feat Daliwonga Sizwe Alakine Tyler ICU mp3 image Music Streaming and Sharing

Kamo introduced the track to the world when she danced to it in one of her reels.

She makes preparation in wrapping up the year from her end after dropping one of the year’s biggest hits on Nkulukulu. After calling out Drake on the success of her show in London, she has been trending gently after refusing to drag Drake with Uncle Waffles.

Her influence in South African music keeps progressing as keeps making her fans proud.

Doing it like it’s the only opportunity at that point, Kamo Mphela drops this new groove featuring Reason, Tyler ICU, and Daliwonga.


Marathon Continues

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