Juicy J Taps Into His Inner James Harden On “Step Back” Ft. Duke Deuce

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Juicy J and Duke Deuce collide for their new collab, “Step Back.”


Juicy J is channeling his inner James Harden on his new collaboration with Duke Deuce. The Three 6 Mafia artist delivered his latest single, “Step Back” ft. Duke Deuce this morning, accompanied with a hilariously bizarre visual. The song, produced by Juicy J and Lil Ju, puts Memphis’ regional sound in focus. Juicy J and Lil Ji bring an eerie beat into the fold for a club-ready banger meant for the strip clubs. The song makes several mentions of the NBA’s most prominent players, like James Harden, who Juicy J dresses up as in the music video.

It’s a full-circle moment for Duke Deuce who has never shied away from giving Juicy J his flowers. During our interview with Duke Deuce on the last season of On The Come Up, he revealed that Three 6 Mafia was among the groups that he looked up to growing up.

Check out the record below.

Quotable Lyrics
I’m gon’ ball ball ball, watch it fall fall fall
When I’m in that pussy, I be knockin’ down her balls
No, I’m not a ball player, pay me like a ball player
N***as try to block me, they can’t reach me, I got tall paper


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