Joyner Lucas Channels Kanye West On New Single “Ye Not Crazy”

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Joyner Lucas delivers a flurry of bars on his new track.


Joyner Lucas is known for being one of the most lyrical rappers in the game right now. While he is certainly a polarizing figure, you definitely cannot deny his talent and his penmanship. Having said that, Joyner decided to release a brand new track on Friday which is actually an homage to none other than Kanye West.”Ye Not Crazy” sees Lucas offering up some braggadocios bars, all while he muses about going on the same types of tangents as Kanye. Joyner sees a bit of himself in Kanye, and if one person messes with him, he might have to act up just like Kanye has been doing. It’s a pretty solid track and it features all of the lyrical prowess that Joyner is known for.

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Quotable Lyrics:

Hold up (Hold up, hold up), Ye’s not crazy (Ye’s not crazy)
Even if they to try cancel me, that ain’t gon’ phase me (Ain’t gon’ phase me)
Yeah, I sin, God forgave me (God forgave me)
How the fuck I’m gon’ change the world if they gon’ change me?



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