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Jeon Somi Shares Debut Album ‘XOXO’ And Splashy New Music Video

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K-Pop star Jeon Somi has shared her highly anticipated debut album XOXO via Interscope Records and YG Entertainment’s THEBLACKLABEL.

The album, which features previously released singles “Birthday,” “DUMB DUMB,” “Outta My Head” and “What You Waiting For,” arrives alongside a music video for the title track “XOXO.”

The visual plays out the story of the song, opening with a scene of Jeon Somi with a group of friends as they nurse her through a breakup after catching her boyfriend cheating on her with his so-called close friend. Rather than sinking into a state of despair, the group of women turn towards revenge.

Throughout the “XOXO” music video, the K-pop idol smashes a car windshield where someone has painted the word “BUSTED” and steals a dog. “If you want to see my dog again, pick up the phone, XOXO,” she writes in red lipstick.

Jeon Somi (formerly known as Somi) worked on XOXO as both a songwriter and a producer alongside THEBLACKLABEL founder Teddy, a frequent collaborator of BLACKPINK, in addition to R.TEE, 24 and Pink Sweat$.

“’XOXO’ and ‘Dumb Dumb’ were both candidates for the title song. We couldn’t choose one over the other, so we decided to pre-release ‘Dumb Dumb’ and make a quick return with ‘XOXO,’” the singer explained during a livestreamed media showcase. “‘XOXO’ has the message of ‘with love,’ but mine is in a sarcastic tone, as if saying ‘fine, go have your life.’ The melody is easy to follow and I think it’s a good driving song.”

“I want to show my confidence with the new album. If I showed a relaxed manner with ‘Dumb Dumb,’ now I have self-confidence,” she added. “I can really enjoy myself on the stage now, and I hope to do the same with ‘XOXO.’ I hope, with the album, I could establish my position as a solo artist.”

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