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Jean Dawson Drops Off “MENTHOL*” Featuring Mac DeMarco

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Dawson has been teasing the new song on Instagram for some time now.


“I’ve just been wanting to scream all the time—not out of anger or any emotion I can pinpoint but just scream at the top of my lungs at nothing,” Jean Dawson revealed in a press release accompanying his latest song, “MENTHOL*.” The track arrived on Friday, December 10th, and features alternative icon Mac DeMarco.“I don’t know if the song represents that at all but the song is just where I’m at with shit. I think I fully lost my ability to care about shit I don’t care about and it’s truly beautiful. I guess I’m really infatuated with the chaoticness that comes with the idea of tomorrow.

Dawson has been teasing the song on Instagram for awhile now, building anticipation amongst his fan base. From what we know so far, “MENTHOL*” is set to appear on his forthcoming album. While promoting the single on Instagram, he admitted that working with DeMarco “is bucket list shit” for him, adding that the whole experience had him “geeked.”

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Quotable Lyrics:

Jean, it’s Mac D
Just droppin’ your line today to remind you
That you should take it easy on yourself
Enjoy what you’re doing
And if you stop enjoying it at some point, hey, no problem
Don’t do it anymore
God bless ya, love ya, ciao

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