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J.I Expresses His Pain On Emotional New Track “Taken For Granted”

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J.I’s rise to prominence has been fun to watch and his consistency remains impressive. The artist is always rapping and singing about a variety of topics, and he isn’t afraid to show some vulnerability in his songs. As someone who has been through a lot in his young career, he wears his heart on his sleeve, and it makes for some great tracks, including his latest called “Taken For granted.”With this song, J.I can be found performing a ballad of sorts as we are met with catchy melodies and some piano in the instrumentation. He sings about relationships and how he doesn’t want to be taken for granted anymore. It is something that many of us can relate to, and J.I does a great job at putting these thoughts on record.

You can stream the brand new track, below.

Quotable Lyrics:

I guess they forgot about all the blood and tears, they were sheddin’ on me
‘Cause when I see ’em they act like they movin’ better than me
I shrug it off ’cause I know they ain’t doin’ better than me
And I ain’t even gotta talk about these scars ’cause they embedded on me

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