Icewear Vezzo Releases “Rich Off Pints 3,” Closing Mixtape Trilogy

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Icewear Vezzo unloads his latest project, “Rich Off Pints 3” ft. G Herbo, Lil Durk, Lil Baby and more.

Detroit’s Icewear Vezzo has closed out the Rich Off Pints trilogy today with the release of the third installment. Following an incredible run in the past year that has earned him critical praise, Rich Off Pints 3 feels like a culmination of all of the groundwork he’s put in that influenced a whole generation after him. The project boasts 14 songs in total with appearances from G Herbo, Lil Baby, Baby Money, Key Glock, E-40, and more.

“The phrase Rich Off Pints isn’t literal, it’s about the mindset I was in around the time I started the series,” said Icewear Vezzo in a statement. “I was like, ‘f*ck the streets, I’m about to go all the way. I don’t care how broke I gotta go, I wanna live right and do the right thing.’ I had dreams of quitting the streets ever since I started hustling, and when I started thinking about Rich Off Pints, I developed the courage to do the work it takes to quit the streets completely.”

Check out the tracklist below.

1. F Blocc
2. On My Own
3. Play For Keeps ft. G Herbo
4. Know The Difference ft. Lil Baby
5. Ace of Spades
6. Times Like This
7. Get Back Pt. 2
8. Whatever ft. Key Glock
9. It’s On the Flo
10. Had To ft. E-40
11. You Ever ft. Baby Money
12. The 6
13. Up The Sco ft. Lil Durk
14. Rich Off Pints


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