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Hotboii Teams Up With Lil Tjay In New Single “Doctor” Video

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Hotboii has been busy releasing single after single now that he’s back home. His latest, Doctor,” featuring Lil Tjay, signals that things are business as usual when it comes to making music. “Doctor” serves as a warning shot to those who mess with him. In the video, the rapper sports shiny gold chains, and expensive watches, flexing the money behind his words.The rapper was arrested back in Jul after he was wanted for drug trafficking as part of a 9-month long investigation donned Operation “X-Force.” The indictment included members of the “438” gang and “All Family No Friends” gang which rapper 9lokkNine is reportedly also associated with. Both located in South Florida.Hotboii had turned himself into authorities, posting a video of himself listening to Lil Durk’s song “Turn Myself In” and adding, “I turn myself in tonight…”

Quotable Lyrics:

He said he wanted smoke with me (Oh, oh)
Ah, he got popped up (Oh, oh)
Yeah, popped up (Oh, oh)
We them n***as that gon’ tear a n***a block up (Send him to the doctor)

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