Hotboii & Kodak Black Reunite For “Live Life Die Faster”

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Hotboii and Kodak Black lock in on “Live Life Die Faster.”


Hotboii is emerging as one of the hottest rappers coming out of Florida. Over the past few years, a few notable co-signs and excellent releases brought a new set of eyes to him. However, things have shaped up in his favor this year as he rides off of the success of 2021’s Life Of A Hotboii.

Following a string of singles that he’s dropped off this year, the Florida native returned with his new single alongside Kodak Black titled, “Live Life Die Faster.” In his latest song, the rapper speaks on the uncertainty of life with a melodious earworm of a hook. Yak’s contributions explore the theme even further from the perspective of the Broward County streets that he hails from.

The two previously connected on “Record First” off of Hotboii’s 2021 project.

Check their new collab below.

Quotable Lyrics
I had gave to you my all but you tossed to the side
My lil’ n***as standin’ tall, keep the dreads to the sky
I’ma always have your back like you ain’t got a spine
If you ain’t doin’ nothin’ with your life then put it on the line


Marathon Continues

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