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Gucci Mane Gets In The Holiday Spirit On “All I Want For Christmas”

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Gucci Mane is East Atlanta Santa on “So Icy Christmas.”


The holiday season is here and Christmas is exactly a week away. While most people are preparing for some time off or doing last-minute shopping, holiday music is the soundtrack for the week. Mariah Carey’s “All I Want For Christmas Is You” has been on steady rotation but Gucci Mane came through this week with his own holiday-themed project, So Icy Christmas. Though it does also serve as another moment to shed light on the 1017 roster, East Atlanta Santa made his presence felt during the holiday season.Gucci’s “All I Want For Christmas” isn’t necessarily as cheerful as Mariah’s version but it does capture Wop’s thoughts on the holiday season. He rattles off his list of Christmas gifts he wants, including a “bag full of firearms and plenty ammunition,” and pays respect to those incarcerated during this tough period of the year.

Check out the latest from Wop below.

Quotable Lyrics
That young n***a got fired up, playin’ with Guwop Christmas
Whole house just got tied up on the floor, lookin’ like Twister
Opps gettin’ caught on Christmas, wipe a n***a nose on Christmas
I don’t give a fuck about none of that shit, if you catch his ass down bad, get him


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