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GGO Kurt & Lil Jairmy Lock In On “Grave Digger”

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GGO Kurt and Lil Jairmy serve up a brand new collab.


Nacogdoches, Texas rapper GGO Kurt has gained a massive regional buzz within his state. He’s earned plenty of co-signs from artists like Yungeen Ace and Stunna 4 Vegas while delivering a consistent stream of music. This year, the rapper came through with four projects already including Unsigned Artist and Trust The Process.Later this week, he’ll drop his fourth project of the year, Free Skool Lockdown. Ahead of its release, he blessed fans with his latest single, “Grave Digger” ft. Lil Jairmy. Together, they tackle eerie production with menacing flows and bars that detail the streets of their respective hometowns.

Lil Jairmy released his project, Gas God earlier this year with features coming from Big30, EST Gee, Rylo Rodriguez, and more.

Check out the latest from GGO Kurt below.

Quotable Lyrics
N***as know not to play, we gon’ blitz at ’em
Get the pack, bust it down like a Kit-Kat
I got 50+ shots in this big MAC
And this Drac’ that I got is pitch black

Marathon Continues

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