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G Perico Delivers “Hurricane”

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New heat from G Perico.


While the West Coast has ushered in a new wave of artists in the past few days, G Perico’s grinding like he’s among the new generation of L.A. rappers. In 2021, the rapper was active as ever, especially in comparison to the years prior. He delivered six full-length projects, along with a slew of singles, that truly emphasized the warm and funky sounds with colorful descriptions of Los Angeles culture.Evidently, G Perico isn’t slowing down as we enter 2022. The rapper already slid through with his first record of the year, “Hurricane.” Dreamy piano keys and soulful vocal samples set the tone as Perico jumps on the track with urgency. “500 bands a month (a month?!)/ Watch me do my dance when it comes,” he declares off of the rip. The smooth flows and stretchy cadences turn every bar into a quotable as Perico celebrates success.

Quotable Lyrics
Like I said, we in grind mode
If you don’t believe in this shit, what you around for? (answer that)
You just trying to steal the juice
After all the shit I did, how you gon’ think I’m stupid?

Marathon Continues

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