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FRVRFRIDAY Shares New Single “Time & It’s Order”

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FRVRFRIDAY serves up wavy vibes on new single, “Time & Its Order.”


FRVRFRIDAY has been serving up heat this year. Though he’s only dropped off a handful of singles, they’ve been promising signs of what he has in store. This week, he dropped off “Time & It’s Order.” Led by the guitar-laden production, FRVRFRIDAY’s melodic delivery creates a dreamy vibe as he details his life of luxury from his come-up in the streets.”I got in the studio and ‘Time & It’s Order’ was the first beat we played,” he told Complex of the song. “It had this crazy energy—a real no brainer. I remember being bent about some shit someone that was close to me said about me. Hence the opening line. The rest flowed effortlessly, I was just talking to the mic as if I was talking to a homie. This is one of my favorite tracks to play before a show because it gets me and my crew in that performance mode.”

Quotable Lyrics
We bound by time and its order
Take my bitch cross borders
If you trying to sign me for a million
I got n***as that’ll kill for a quarter


Marathon Continues

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