Fousheé Releases New Acoustic Ballad, “i’m fine” Video

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Fousheé strips things down for new acoustic ballad “i’m fine”- well, mostly acoustic


R&B singer Fousheé has been enjoying a steady stream of success for the past year. The New York singer and musician, originally from New Jersey, released her debut album time machine last June, and the new song “i’m fine” is teasing towards a new direction for Fousheé.Fousheé’s rise has been owed to many factors, but some examples are her appearance on Season 15 of The Voice, her collaborations with other artists such as “TAKE ME HOME” with Vince Staples, and her consistently building profile. For example, she supported James Blake on tour last year. She released the single “double standard” just this April, hinting at a new project on the way.

On this new song “i’m fine”, Fousheé strips things down to her beautiful voice, light background vocals, and an acoustic guitar to carry the song’s heavy emotions. The song’s lyrical focus is on Fousheé’s unspecified emotional turmoil, saying that she needs “sticks and stones to curb [her] appetite” and repeating the song’s titular self-affirming phrase: “I’m fine.” She also notes how her success contradicts these emotions and the different ways in which family members have reinforced these two extremes.

“i’m fine” includes an intimate and slightly reserved performance from Fousheé through which these emotions are expressed, but this push-and-pull between success and pain is even highlighted in the song’s production. On a few moments on the song, the acoustic ballad is interrupted by heavy drum hits, distorted guitar riffs, and a screamed vocal performance. It’s unclear whether Fousheé herself is screaming with such anger, but no matter who’s on these parts, Fousheé successfully adds tinges of emo and metal to her wide pallet of genres.

She even talked about these genre restrictions in an IG post for the release of her previous single “double standard”, saying that she doesn’t want to stick to one sound.

While no official album announcement has come forward, Fousheé is no doubt gearing up for something special soon. You can listen to “i’m fine” below and check out our interview with Fousheé. You can also watch the official music video for “i’m fine” below.

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Fool me once and that’s your fault
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Mama says I’m a sweetheart
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