Flimzy Is Back With A New Bop Tune“aye (Gbas Gbos)”

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Afrobeats rising star, Flimzy makes his 2022 debut with a brand-new bop tune titled “Aye (Gbas Gbos)”

“Aye (Gbas Gbos)” is a follow-up to his previous offering, Brenda, which did well to spotlight his music artistry in a range of roles including singer, songwriter and producer. Recently, he delivered an unplugged version of Brenda at the Clout Music Sessions and was raved to be nothing short of a stellar performance.

“Aye (Gbas Gbos)” is produced by Xtofa. The track is a vibe of Pop music and elements in African house as it is laden with the genre’s trademark drums and melodious chord progression that are decorated with riffs from an electric guitar. Flimzy too complements the musical rhythm with a decent performance of his lyrics executed in simple staccato and melisma vocals.

The title “Gbas Gbos” represents a popular Nigerian lingo which interprets as back-to-back or in quick succession. Although the musical communicates differently in context, it, however, hints at his persistence; not relenting his efforts at attaining his desires. This is the same enthusiasm that has led to the promise of endless gbedus this year as announced in a recent post on his social media.

In the meantime, enjoy the new Flimzy and make sure to stay updated for more coming from his camp.

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