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Fetty Wap Speaks “The Truth” On “The Butterfly Effect”

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Fetty Wap’s imprint on the game doesn’t go unnoticed. His brief tenure at the top of the rap game was impactful in its own right. Singles like “My Way” and “Trap Queen” still go off to this day. However, the past few years of his career have been relatively stagnant. He has continued to release music but much of it felt like it fell under the radar.On Friday, the rapper proved that he hasn’t lost his touch one bit with the release of his latest body of work, The Butterfly Effect. Fans have been praising the project, especially the record “The Truth.” The rapper offers an introspective look at his life and career, especially when people counted him out.

Check out the record below.

Quotable Lyrics
N***as wanna see me at the bottom, baby
Talkin’ on my name but I got ’em, baby
N***a Fetty Wap, I’mma rob ’em
Don’t get shot up, I’m tellin’ the truth


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