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Fenix Flexin Drops Off Vol. 2 Intro

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Fenix Flexin has been in go-mode this year. While he officially launched his solo career with his debut project, Fenix Flexin, Vol. 1 earlier this year, he’s already gearing up to come through with a follow up. At the top of October, he teamed up with Louda Lou for their collaboration, “Fire Drill.” Now, he’s back in action with his latest offering, the intro to Fenix Flexin, Vol. 2. Eerie guitar strings and funky 808s lead the production as Flexin details the rise to the top and the “by any means necessary” mentality it takes to get to the bag.

With the new single out now, Fenix Flexin recently promised his fans to deliver a follow-up if the video gets to 100K in 24 hours. The video just hit a bit over 102K, so it looks like fans could expect new music soon.

Check out the record below.

Quotable Lyrics
If you go and get a bag, move up out the way
Jealousy be all around you when you gettin’ cake
Gotta keep your circle small like a dot, n***a
Out here ridin’ hella dick, you a thot, n***a

Marathon Continues

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