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“En Route (Deluxe)” By MFnMelo, squeakPIVOT & Pivot Gang Has Arrived

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“En Route (Deluxe)” By MFnMelo, squeakPIVOT & Pivot Gang Has Arrived

The deluxe edition includes new titles like “What You Stand 4” and “Airdrop.”


It was just a few days ago when MFnMelo shared “Mood Swing,” a Pivot Gang track that included features from Saba, Joseph Chilliams, Frsh Waters, as well as posthumous efforts from the late squeakPIVOT.At midnight on Friday, MF shared the deluxe edition of he and his fallen friend’s project, En Route. The initial album arrived back in June, and now, six months later, we’ve got four more titles to enjoy. “What You Stand 4,” featuring Joseph Chilliams, “Take You There,” featuring Jean Deaux, “Airdrop,” and “All My Bruddas,” have all arrived on the tracklist, with one of the original songs, “One Wimme,” featuring Kobe Jxrdan being removed.

“It’s always been about bigger picture for me and sometimes that can look like selfishness,” MFnMelo wrote on Instagram yesterday. “But I’m truly just the vessel to get me and mine where we need to be. I’m honoured to have known someone who always understood that. Even when I didn’t have the words to express it.”

“@squeakpivot is my brother and biggest supporter and this shit is the worst pain I’ve ever had to process,” he continued, reflecting on Squeak’s tragic death. “Tho I feel it, I know I’m not alone in that so I’m grateful for family friends and community during the process. I’ll never be the same but that comes with blessings.”

Check out the En Route (Deluxe) below.


1. What You Stand 4 (feat. Joseph Chilliams)

2. Take You There (feat. Jean Deaux)

3. Airdrop

4. All My Bruddas

5. Mood Swing (feat. Saba, Joseph Chilliams & Frsh Waters)

6. En Route (Intro)

7. LL Cool J

8. Handheld (feat. Frsh Waters)

9. Ole Skool Interlude

10. Ball Is Life (feat. Dinnerwithjohn)

11. Save Yourself

12. Risk (feat. Rexx Life Raj)

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