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Eli Fross Delivers Banger After Banger On “The Book Of Eli”

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Lil Zay Osama, Bankroll Buna, and Sleepy Hallow all appear on Eli Fross’ latest arrival.

It may not be new music Friday, but that didn’t stop Eli Fross from dropping off a fire new 9-track project that includes features from Lil Zay Osama on “Mad Max,” Bankroll Buna on “Gangway” and Sleepy Hallow on “Steppas Freestyle.”Apart from the joint tracks, other titles we’ve been loving that feature Fross’ solo talent include “Growing Up Gangsta” and “Shakur,” but the project as a whole is definitely worth checking out the next time you load up your streaming queue.

The New York native has been promoting The Book of Eli on his Instagram page, telling his followers that the album has “NO SKIPS” and urging dedicated fans to make the artwork their profile picture to help generate hype and spread the word.

This is Fross’ first full-length release since he shared CESAR, a 13-track album including just one feature from Sleepy Hallow, in November of last year. His growth over the past 12 months is obvious, and as he continues to hone in and focus on his craft, he’ll only get better and better.

Which song from The Book of Eli is your favourite? Let us know below.


1. Exposing Me Part II

2. Mad Max (feat. Lil Zay Osama)

3. Laced

4. Growing Up Gangsta

5. Shakur

6. Elm Street

7. Tactical

8. Gangway (feat. Bankroll Buna)

9. Steppas Freestyle (feat. Sleepy Hallow)


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