Earl Sweatshirt’s Fourth Studio Album “SICK!” Is Here

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Listen to Earl Sweatshirt’s new album, “SICK!”


In 2018, Earl Sweatshirt released his third studio album, Some Rap Songs after nearly three years of remaining largely under the radar. However, the album seemingly became, a launching pad for a new era in his career. He followed it up in 2019 with Feet Of Clay, and at top of 2022, he’s returned with his fourth studio album, SICK! Made of up a tight 10-song tracklist with a run-time of a little under 25-minutes, Earl Sweatshirt’s new album is his glossiest project in the past five years. ZelooperZ and Armand Hammer appear as featured guests on the project and The Alchemist, Black Noi$e, Ancestors contribution production, the Young Guru-mixed project surely won’t disappoint.

  1. Old Friend
  2. 2010
  3. Sick!
  4. Vision ft. ZelooperZ
  5. Tabula Rasa ft. Armand Hammer
  6. lyhe top of e
  7. Lobby (int)
  8. God Laughs
  9. Titanic
  10. Fire In The Hole


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