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Earl Sweatshirt Closes “SICK!” With “Fire In The Hole”

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Black Noi$e shines on Earl Sweatshirt’s “SICK!”


Over the past few months, Earl Sweatshirt has emerged from the shadows to build up the anticipation for a new project. Though typically lowkey, the Los Angeles native release of singles like “2010” and “Tabula Rasa” ft. Armand Hammer signaled that a new album was in a pipeline.Just two weeks into the new year, Earl Sweatshirt slid through with the release of his fourth studio album, SICK! The 10-song album boasts production from The Alchemist and Ancestors but it’s Black Noi$e who handled the majority of the project, including the album closer, “Fire In The Hole.” Pretty electric guitars slide through the subtly muffled jazz percussion while Earl Sweatshirt’s stream-of-conscious flow reflects on his own resilience through the trials and tribulations he’s faced over the past few years.Check the record out below and peep the entire project right here.

Quotable Lyrics
Take heed, we took an oath to the sword
The shield took a couple chinks but it never broke
I know what he mean, how I play it based on what I’m shown
Consolidate the cream, then I’m headed home

Marathon Continues

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