dvsn Delivers Jay Z-Sampled “If I Get Caught”

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The R&B duo is back with a track that Hov playfully described as “toxic,” while dvsn called it “honest.”


Before he approved the clearance of his sample, Jay-Z wanted to make sure that it was on the record that dvsn’s latest single was a “toxic” banger. Hov recently caught up with Kevin Hart for an expansive discussion about his career, and it was clear that he is much more careful these days about who he collaborates with. This latest single from dvsn may not technically host a Jigga feature, but it does sample his track, “Song Cry.””I didn’t think one could make a song more toxic than Song Cry,” Jay said in a text with Jermaine Dupri. “I stand corrected. I just want a disclaimer that says That I said This song is wrong ! Haaaaa And you’re good.”dvsn has finally shared “If I Get Caught,” and the OVO artists have certainly kicked things up a notch with their latest. They added that the song is “honest not toxic,” so we’ll let you decide for yourselves.

Quotable Lyrics

Would you rather be the girl that cry in a Corolla or a foreign?
I don’t wanna see you cry, I recognize the signs, I can’t ignore ’em
And to tell the truth, it’ll hurt you more, if you ever find what you’re lookin’ for
I ain’t perfect
Baby girl, I’m worth it



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