Dougie B Is Explosive On “Uzi”

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The Bronx rapper takes no prisoners on his new single.


Dougie B has proven himself to be an important figure in New York’s drill scene. In April, he delivered a killer feature on Kay Flock’s 2022 New York anthem “Shake It,” which also featured Cardi B and Bory300. Lately, he’s been releasing a string of singles, including “I’m Back” and “Forever On That.”

Dougie B’s newest song, “Uzi,” finds the rapper going as hard as ever. On a drill beat which makes use of a dramatic string section, Dougie talks big talk, warning adversaries not to mess with him and detailing the success he’s been seeing. “I got this s**t in the headlock,” the rapper announces in his typically gravelly delivery. His flow is high energy and relentless; it seems like he barely stops to take a breath in the song’s two and a half minute runtime.

It’s a brief but enticing taste of what’s to come from Dougie B. At only 20 years of age, the rapper is just getting started. Check out the single below, and let us know what you make of it in the comments.

Quotable Lyrics

Pop a pill more, than four when I geek
And when I pour a four, I need more, I don’t dream
Never sober or sore off a E, too tweaked
Too different me when I’m off a bean


Marathon Continues

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