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Diddy & 80s NBA Star Rony Seikaly Connect For “Won’t Stop Now”

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Former NBA Star Rony Seikaly, who was drafted to the Miami Heat in 1988, is readying the release of a new album, and his latest single comes with assistance from Diddy. Rony Seikaly shared “Won’t Stop Now” on Friday, which merges his infectious house production with Diddy’s unmatched pep talk. Diddy’s contributions come in the form of “personal voicemail messages” that he sent directly to Rony.

The two formed a tight-knit relationship with one another as neighbors in Miami. Diddy is reportedly a frequent patron of club nights that Seikaly hosts at his home.

“It’s such an honor to have Diddy on my track. We’ve talked about it for years and finally made it a reality,” said Seikaly of the collab.

Seikaly’s debut album, Moonwalk is on the way.

Quotable Lyrics
Yeah, just send some ideas, you know what I’m sayin’?
It’s gon’ be the beat that moves me
And like, understandin’ the vibe and tones


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