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Derez De’Shon Raps About Feeling “Abandoned” On New Release

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Derez’s emotional new track follows his collab with Morray on “All Them Days.”


In his usual style, Derez De’Shon gets in his feelings on his latest release, “Abandoned.” The track arrived on December 16th, and follows other 2021 efforts like “All Them Days,” “Eviction Notice,” “Residue,” “Lost In The Dark,” “In My Feelings,” and “Having My Way.”“Thank you to everyone who commented earlier and is supporting the movement,” the rapper wrote to his Instagram followers earlier this week. “I love and appreciate you all. ENJOY!!!” His fans were elated to see his return, writing things like “the king of pain music is back,” and “you do it every time” followed by a trail of flame emojis.

Abandoned” has been described as “an honest confessional about the feelings surrounding loss and mourning” by Dirty Glove, and truly conveys the deep feelings that the recording artist is striving to get across to his listeners. “Don’t say you love me now, been betrayed so many times,” he sombrely sings over the beat.

Stream Derez De’Shon’s newest arrival below.

Quotable Lyrics:

Ridin’ thru the city, mindin’ my own business

Vibe with my own bitches, get high with my own n*ggas

Don’t say you love me now, been betrayed so many times

I feel like love don’t let me down

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