Dave East Goes In On Benny The Butcher & J. Cole’s “Johnny P’s Caddy”

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Dave East applies pressure with his latest East Mix.


Dave East’s come-up was defined by several solid bodies of work and the collection of freestyles under the “East Mix” umbrella. Before landing his major-label deal, he proved that he can practically demolish any beat that was presented to him. It’s an era in his career that fans remember fondly and hope to return on a far more consistent basis.While East’s attention has been split between music and acting in the past few years, it seems that he’s getting deeper into the music bag, once again. After releasing HDIGH last month, he’s returned with “Game 6 (East Mix).” This time, Dave East puts his spin on Benny The Butcher and J. Cole’s Tana Talk 4 collab, “Johnny P’s Caddy.”Check the latest from Dave East below and sound off in the comments with your thoughts.Quotable Lyrics
Being surrounded by death have you attracted to Jesus
Talkin’ to God, askin’ questions that you had since a fetus
Since Butthead, I’m with Beavis, I discovered by genius
Like when Mr. Pip told Ace Boogie, don’t come to the cleaners


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