DaniLeigh Shares Her New Single “Dead To Me” Video

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DaniLeigh prepares for a new chapter in her career with her new single, “Dead To Me.”


Following a tumultuous beginning to her career, DaniLeigh is preparing to turn a new leaf and kick off a new chapter. The singer returned with her new single, “Dead To Me,” earlier today. The lush, dreamy single finds DaniLeigh in her pocket, peeling back the layers of highly publicized relationship troubles through her gentle voice. Though it’s a record that alludes to issues that she faced over the past year, DaniLeigh’s latest single signals a new start.

The new single is expected to appear on her forthcoming project, My Side, which she described in a new interview with People.

“I feel like the project is closure for me to just move on for my next chapter in life and just focus on having fun and being a mom and living life in a positive light,” she said.

Check the song out below.

Quotable Lyrics
I ain’t breaking no more dishes ’bout it
You ain’t gotta call to see about me
Already know what I feel about you
‘Cause you so dead


Marathon Continues

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