DaBaby Returns With “Waitress” Single

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With “Baby On Baby 2” reportedly on the horizon, DaBaby drops another track just days after delivering “Tough Skin.”


The anticipation thickens as DaBaby surfaces with another single as he prepares for the release of his next album. It has been reported that the North Carolina rapper’s Baby On Baby 2 is fast approaching, and while we wait on the hitmaker to share an official release date, he has delivered his latest offering, “Waitress.”This comes on the heels of “Tough Skin,” a song that was accompanied by a music video that had the Hip Hop community talking. In the visual, DaBaby hung himself from a cross as a symbolic comparison to Jesus Christ, and some didn’t appreciate the look. Despite the pushback, DaBaby received the attention he often demands, and this was yet another way to direct eyes to his forthcoming project.

As we await more news about the record, stream “Waitress” and let us know what you think.

Quotable Lyrics

N*ggas worryin’ ’bout who greater
These n*ggas barely be makin’ a play-in
I’m in the playoffs, I brought ya’ bae in
Hoe-ass n*ggas goin’ out like the Lakers, haters
Hatin’ n*gga keep lookin’, rookie
I’m pullin’ up like Booker, p*ssy


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