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DaBaby & KayyKilo Get Nasty On New Track “Yeah B*tch”

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1634856646 6a00205adfb0167d31e6c4e607053d78 Music Streaming and SharingDaBaby has consistently been putting out new tracks as of late, and he even dropped a song with Lil Wayne just last month. The rapper has successfully skirted cancellation, and there is no doubt that his career is back on track following everything that occurred in the Summer. Now, he is back with a new track alongside Louisiana rapper KayyKilo, called “Yeah B*tch.”Throughout this track, we get some of those energetic yet oddly medieval sounds that DaBaby has been displaying as of late. He starts the track out with a strong verse and chorus in which he delivers some raunchy sexual lyrics that set the tone for the song’s subject matter. KayyKilo then proceeds to steal the show with a fantastic verse that matches DaBaby perfectly. The two have great chemistry on the song, and KayyKilo shows herself to be an artist to watch out for.Quotable Lyrics:

She back to back, that’s how I act when it be up there
Your broke-ass baby daddy ain’t got no car, ain’t even got bus fare
You need my driver come and pick you up? She be like, “Fuck yeah”
That’s where my brother’nem keep all the drugs so we can’t fuck there

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