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Curly J Is Back With Two New Singles, “WHO RIDE” & “MOONLIGHT”

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Curly J’s new arrivals follow his collab with Keedron Bryant in November.


This weekend, Curly J provided his listeners with not just one, but two new songs to stream. The latest arrivals are titled “WHO RIDE” and “MOONLIGHT,” and follow a list of other hits dropped off by the 21-year-old all throughout 2021.January saw “Never Stop,” and in March, he shared Kingdom, a 6-track EP including “Wait on Me,” Never Stop,” and “Big Dawgs.” In the summer, the New Yorker gave us “One of the Best” and “No Drill.” Most recently, he teamed up with Keedron Bryant for a feature on “Stubborn” in early November.

The visual for “WHO RIDE” sees the rapper link up with a group of baddies before cutting to footage of Curly speeding off in his car, pairing perfectly with the booming, upbeat production.

While promoting “MOONLIGHT” in another post, the recording artist said that he’s “looking for a Grammy every beat [he] talk on.” Check out the music video above, and let us know what you think in the comments.

Quotable Lyrics:

Aye, we gon’ see who ride, uh
Keep a lot of sticks, bitch they afraid to die
Hope inside, uh, bitch you ain’t that fine, uh
If you sick this d*ck then go ahead and take your time



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