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Coi Leray Taps DaBaby For “Twinnem (Remix)”

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After teasing this remix, Coi Leray has finally delivered. Now that DaBaby is gearing up for his Rolling Loud sponsored tour and has put his festival controversy behind him, the North Carolina rapper appears on the updated version of Leray’s viral hit. Both rappers have found success on the charts with Leray having a stronghold on those TikTok trends, and “Twinnem” wasn’t any different.All it takes is a quick search to find thousands of posts of people doing the “Twinnem” challenge, and Leray was even able to get people like Justin Bieber and Lil Baby to join in on the fun. Still, she has often been met with criticism from people who dub her nothing more than a TikTok artist, but it is something that she embraces. According to Leray, she’s more concerned about feeding her family than addressing trolls upset about her success.

Stream “Twinnem (Remix)” and let us know what you think of DaBaby’s addition to the track. Also, make sure to read our interview with Coi LerayCoi Leray On Why She Picked DaBaby For “TWINNEM” Remix & Justin Bieber Studio Session.

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They don’t bring nothin’ to the table, but they be lookin’ for sympathy
N*ggas be havin’ they hand out but never did sh*t for me
Know a couple n*ggas that donе switched up and turned right to my enеmy

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