Ckay performs a medley of hit singles “Love Nwantiti” and “Emiliana” for Fine Tuned

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Prominent singer, Ckay performs a medley of hit singles “Love Nwantiti” and “Emiliana” for Fine Tuned.


The Fine Tuned version of Ckay’s songs ‘Love Nwantititi’ and Emiliana’ were backed by Matt Composure on guitar for Fine Tuned.

Furthermore, both songs are Afrobeats tunes that have gained significant dominance in the mainstream since it was released.

In addition, the ‘Fine Tuned’ is a live guitar medley concept hosted by Audiomack, where various artists come to perform their (hit) songs live with the backup of a guitar.

Finally, Ckay is expected of more projects for the year, since he has been on a platter of gold following his recent achievements.

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