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Chief Keef Channels Three 6 Mafia On “Like It’s Yo Job”

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Three 6 Mafia’s imprint on the game is heard from the South, Mid-West, West Coast, and around the whole world. Even the artists who weren’t directly influenced by Three 6 took a page or two out of the Memphis group’s book. We’ve heard their tracks get flipped on some of the biggest records from artists like Cardi B and Rae Sremmurd. However, Chief Keef is the latest to tackle a Three 6 track and put his own spin on it.

The Chicago legend took to Instagram where he previewed a new snippet of music last week before unveiling “Like It’s Yo Job” in its entirety. Chief Keef puts his own spin on “Slob On My Nob” for his latest record and transforms the iconic anthem into something of his own.

Quotable Lyrics
You can keep the WAP, give me the top
She trying to cuff me, the bitch is a cop
I left just in time, never came back
I ain’t a firefighter, I can’t save her cat

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