Che Noir Drops New Track “Praises”

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Buffalo is on the up-and-up these days. Griselda has surely played a significant role in the surge of artists emerging from the city and the affiliates they’ve knocked the doors down for are carrying the torch with pride.

Che Noir has been carving out her own lane in hip-hop over the years. Projects like After 12 and As God Intended with Apollo Brown shed light on her lyricism and effortless storytelling. Though she hasn’t released a project in 2021, she slid through with some new heat on Friday titled, “Praises.” In her new single, produced by Chup, Che Noir divulges her aspirations and ambitions to be the greatest and the journey she’s been on to get there.

Check out the latest from Che Noir below and sound off in the comments with your thoughts.

Quotable Lyrics
Emotions, been the darkest time of my life, I had to face fear
Took my pain and wrote on a page, and made it Shakespeare
I’m too unbothered so it’s a challenge gettin’ me mad
Tired of givin’ all of me to people givin’ me half


Marathon Continues

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