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Charmaine Drops Off “LOGIC (Lucky Charm Freestyle)”

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Charmaine Drops Off “LOGIC (Lucky Charm Freestyle)”

Charmaine recently shared “BBM (Bad Bitch Mentality).”


On Friday, November 26th, Toronto-based rapper Charmaine shared a new track, called “LOGIC (Lucky Charm Freestyle)” on which she spits game about learning how not to let men impact her income and how to step away from toxic relationships. Prior to the song’s release, she teased that it would be “sum a lil different” on Instagram. Fans flocked to the comments, telling Charmaine that “LOGIC” is pure heat. “You don’t ever miss,” one listener wrote. The new drop came along with a video that shows Charmaine in the booth, getting her verses off with obvious passion while wearing huge hoop earrings to match her larger-than-life persona. Check it out above.The Warner Music Canada artist has been feeding her fans with steady drop-offs all year long. “U.N.I.T.Y.,” “WOO!,” and HOOD AVANT-GARDE are just a few of the options you have to add to your streaming queue if you’re rocking with “LOGIC (Lucky Charm Freestyle).”

Quotable Lyrics:

Never let a man effect your stack like that

And if you gettin’ toxic tell the boy fall back

If it was back then, I’d be trippin’ off that

Took a little time just to get me on track


Marathon Continues

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