Capella Grey Enlists Chlöe Bailey For “Gyalis (Shemix)

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Chlöe Bailey shows out for the new remix of Capella Grey’s hit single, “Gyalis.”


Capella Grey had the summer of 2021 on lock with his hit record, “Gyalis.” The catchy melodies that added tinges of dancehall with a sample of Juvenile’s “Back That Azz Up” transformed Capella Grey into one of the hottest new artists to emerge on the East Coast.Since the song’s release, Capella Grey’s unveiled a handful of remixes while a flurry of covers have also dropped. Chlöe Bailey’s cover was easily one of the best. So even after nearly a year since the original song dropped, Capella Grey and Chlöe joined forces to release the official remix of “Gyalis,” which has been dubbed the “shemix.” Chlöe’s contributions to the record perfectly accompany Grey’s original record with an authentic woman’s perspective.

Check the song below.

Quotable Lyrics
I’ma be a, gyalis
The city is my palace, who I’ma choose?
‘Cause I want he and he and he
And they love them some me


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