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Calboy Is Back With A New Freesyle Over Money Man’s “LLC”

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Calboy returns with a brand new freestyle over Money Man’s latest hit record.


Calboy hit the ground running since the year started eleven days ago. The Chicago rapper showed a promising trajectory with the release of 2019’s Wildboy and 2020’s Love Live The Kings. However, things have been rather slow in the past year. Perhaps, it’s due to the pandemic, among other factors. Fans are still hoping that he comes through with a new album this year.Before we get another body of work from the rapper, it looks like he’s going to continue dumping new freestyles to build anticipation. After taking on Kodak Black’s latest top 10 record on the Billboard Hot 100, “Super Gremlin,” he came through with his new freestyle over Money Man’s latest hit record, “LLC.”

Check Calboy’s new freestyle below and sound off in the comments with your thoughts.

Quotable Lyrics
I been trappin’ hard, break it down, rack it in
If I hit her once, she in past, she won’t be back again
Opposition dead, we hit his head, he won’t be back again
Every time we talk, you need some bread, don’t hit my jack again

Marathon Continues

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