Calboy Gets Emotional On “If Heaven Had A Phone” Video

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Without an actual album out, Calboy emerged in 2018 as a beacon of hope for Chicago’s scene, just as the Brooklyn drill scene started rising. The release of Wildboy cemented the hype surrounding his name. However, fans have been growing impatient for the release of an actual LPBetween the numerous tapes he’s released in his career, Calboy has also offered fans loose singles as freebies on YouTube.This week, the rapper unveiled an emotional offering titled, “If Heaven Had A phone.” On the single, Calboy reflects on the friends and loved ones he’s lost during his life. Artists like King Von are mentioned on the song, as Calboy details what he’d say to those who’ve passed if he had the chance.

Check the record out below.

Quotable Lyrics
I got so much to talk about
Give a call to Von, he probably talkin’ loud
Tellin’ me not to close my feelings, hit ’em up and talk it out
He’ll probably tell me keep my heater, it’s summer all year ’round


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