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BRS Kash Wants To “Spend It” On His Latest Release

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In celebration of the one year anniversary of his hit track, “Throat Baby (Go Baby),” BRS Kash returns with a new single, “Spend It.” The just over three-minute long release sees the LVRN artist spit game about pampering the curvaceous women in his life with endless stacks of cash.

“Nice teeth (Nice teeth), nice smile (Nice smile)/She know (She know) she bad (She bad)/Cute face (Cute face), no waist (No waist), fat ass (Fat ass), she dance (She dance),” the 28-year-old raps. “When she throw that ass around (Spend it, spend it)/She gon’ make a young n*gga come throw them bands.

The Atlanta native has been hard at working promoting “Spend It” on his Instagram page, dropping off some photos of him hanging out with a group of beautiful women and flexing a stack of $100 bills spread across the length of his arm.

At the top of 2021, BRS Kash shared a 12-track project called Kash Only, and he’s been dropping off the occasional single over the past few months. If you’re loving his latest release, be sure to check out the rest of the rapper’s discography.

Quotable Lyrics:

From the head to the floor to the bad, she’s shakin’ (Yeah)
Molly same time make a bitch go crazy
Cute lil’ face, might give her my babies (Ooh)
Slim lil’ waist but shawty ain’t shakin’ (Damn)
Girl don’t stop, keep poppin’, poppin’ (Don’t stop)
CashApp lit, no pocket watchin’ (Cha-ching)


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