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Bobby Shmurda Hopes To Make A “Splash” With His Latest Single

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You can almost feel the release date of Bobby Shmurda’s next project approaching. Since his release from prison, fans have continued to wait on news regarding Shmurda’s next record. The “Hot N*gga” star has been hard at work as he’s been seen jet-setting and performing at festivals, and on Friday (November 5), he returned with another single, “Splash.”This song comes on the heels of his “Cartier Lens” release that he shared last week and with these tracks arriving back to back, the rumor mill has been active. Prepare yourself for the arrival of the music video for “Splash” in the coming days as Shmurda has already teased the visual over on his Instagram page. As expected, we’ll be seeing the rapper poolside with a bevy of scantily clad women surrounding him.

The reactions to Shmurda’s recent releases have been a mixed bag, but we’ll let you judge for yourself. Are you excited about Shmurda’s project?

Quotable Lyrics

Had to cancel my b*tch, ayy, yeah
I’m splashin’ my wrist (Yeah-yeah)
I was down on my d*ck, yeah-yeah

Marathon Continues

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