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Bobby Shmurda Calls On Quavo & Rowdy Rebel For “Shmoney” Video

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The trio also dropped off a visual and Shmurda is once again showing off those dance moves.

He’s been quite the busy man since his release from prison earlier this year, but we still don’t have an estimation on when we can expect Bobby Shmura’s debut studio album. The New York rapper was incarcerated years ago just as his career was launching with the help of his smash hit “Hot N*gga,” and now that his legal woes are behind him, fans are excited to hear what he’s been working on in the studio.However, throughout the year, we’ve mainly received a steady stream of singles that seemingly arrive as a surprise. As we continue to await his official rollout, Shmurda returns with “Shmoney,” a single that hosts assists from Quavo and Rowdy Rebel. The trio also starred in the track’s visual that featured a bevy of women surrounding the rappers and Shmurda even showed off those dance moves that have been creating controversy.

Stream “Shmoney” and let us know if you think this is a banger.

Quotable Lyrics 

Lil’ b*tch pop this p*ssy for some shmoney (P*ssy)
Had to put my wrist inside the bowl and scrape some shmoney (Shmoney)
They told me Rowdy was coming home
I put him up some money (I did)
Shmigo b*tch, we back on the throne

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